Payroll Services


Payroll is a complex process that involves many intricate tasks. We understand the importance of accuracy in payroll processing to satisfy your employees, maintain a positive company culture, and more.

By working with us, you can confidently make informed decisions and strategies. Our experienced local team will provide support and implement best practices using a localized payroll platform developed explicitly for Laos that considers local laws and regulations.

Our services cover the following and more:

  • Efficient, legally compliant payroll calculation and administration
  • Enhanced efficiency, clarity, and precision
  • Decreased risk of operational disruption caused by government processes
  • Improved employee data security and privacy
  • Payroll reports tailored to specific needs

Our company has partnered with international and local businesses to improve operations through Outsourcing Payroll Services. This service provided by LP&O allows our clients to focus on their business in Laos, leading to a mutually beneficial solution.

LP&O provides sophisticated payroll services to some of the world’s largest multinational companies. Our successful track record allows us to be an extension of our client’s HR operations, ensuring a smooth payroll process that meets the needs of their employees.

If you have recently established a company in Laos and want to focus your team on business development, or if you want to improve your operations’ efficiency, LP&O’s Outsourced Payroll Service is the ideal choice for you.

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