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Questions And Answers

The answer is NO. Our goal is to assist you in focusing on your core business while handling your payroll and statutory responsibilities in compliance with the law. We will not interfere with your human resources management in any way.

We previously could onboard over two hundred employees within three business days when the necessary documentation was provided promptly by the client. However, our standard timeline for onboarding a local is typically two weeks to ensure a smooth and secure process. Expats can take longer depending on their current country of residence.

To protect the confidentiality of our client’s data, we have implemented strict protocols that include access codes and authentication measures. Our employees are required to use access cards to enter our office, and only designated payroll team members have access to the data through password-protected storage.

Our management team has sixteen years of experience operating a payroll and staffing business in Southeast Asia, making us well-equipped to provide high-quality outsourcing services in Laos.

Yes, it is possible. We can tailor our service offerings to accommodate clients with specific requests.

Maintaining compliance with all laws and regulations in the countries where we operate is our priority. It has contributed to our reputation as one of the largest staffing agencies in the region.

An employment contract is necessary to safeguard your company’s interests and the rights, responsibilities, and duties of your employees within the company. It outlines the employment conditions and is mandatory by law.

Outsourcing staffing or payroll services to specialists can free up valuable resources within your company, such as staff and management time. This allows you to focus on tasks central to your organization’s growth and development, all for a fixed monthly fee.

We understand that you may be working with other vendors and are flexible in coordinating the transfer of information and documentation. While we cannot promise that our services will be more cost-effective than your current providers, we have a reputation for high-quality service and customer satisfaction in the region.

Our outsourced employees will be fully informed about and compliant with your company’s policies and rules. You will not need to make any changes to your internal policies.